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Why Micro mens swimwear?
Mens swimwear styles

Going ultra micro with mens swimwear designs.

First you need to understand what we mean by ultra micro mens swimwear designs.
What we strive for is the smallest possible pouch that shows the most skin without showing any of the actual equipment. Since mens equipment comes in many sizes
You will need to try different designs of mens swimwear fashions to see which style works best for your package.  Most men fall in the range of 4-6 inches hard and much smaller when they are at their normal non aroused size. There are big swimgs in non aroused size 3 different men can all be 5” in size aroused but when soft for example we have seen models that are just under 1”, the next may be 2” and the 3rd may be 4” yet they are all 5” when aroused, There are substantial differences in male thickness and the same 5” shaft can be ½ and at times 1/3 the size of a fat full shaft. When applied to mens swimwear designs men with smaller equipment have a wider selection of micro suits.
While we are talking about micro mens swimwear designs lets not confuse them with fem style mens swimwear designs that are created to virtually transform a man to look like a women in the pouch area, this is very sexy but not what micros are about. Micro mens swimwear designs are about making the pouch look ultra small while still being able to desern that the wearer is indeed a man. When it comes to micro mens swimwear designs men with small equipment are the ones considered lucky. I personally love wearing micro suits, I always attract the attention of men and women and though I am straight I enjoy all the attention from both sexes. Women find these tiny suits interesting and non intimidating. When soft I can be as little as ½” long which allows me to wear the very smallest sexiest micro swimwear designs. This is one of those times when bigger is not better, but hung guys don’t worry. Visit sites like Koala swimwear
And no matter how large you are they have suits that can make you look your smallest.
A tight sexy package, that allows you to be active on the beach with good support and fantastic looks. If you have never tried micro mens swimwear designs I would highly recommend it. The fit is fantastic, the look is hot and different, I promise you that men and women will be turned on by it and  best of all micro mens swimwear designs allow you to have the very sexiest tan lines. You will get noticed in the gym locker room.

  Ultra micro mens swimwear designs are just so sexy and form fitting!
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