Mens swimwear
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Mens swimwear Fetish
This mens swimwear design is the Spit Personality and is one of the most amazing mens swimwear designs ever to be seen on a mans body. It is made of three separate pouches one each for the Testes and one for the shaft. This is mens swimwear as art. Perfectly balanced design shows everything in a very tasteful way. This is a
sexual and erotic mens swimwear creation that will get everyones attention any time you are out at the beach. I know this as fact.
Once I was at the beach and designed to try an extremely risqué mens swimwear design at the time the Split Personality was the obvious choice. Is was laying out for not more then 10 minutes when a group of girls and guys walked by. The guys just could not believe my entire penis was in complete view but the girls said we are laying out next to him! This is the type of mens swimwear design that in many ways is better then nude. You could easily see each ball, their exact shape and size along with the size and thickness of my shaft and it was out there all day to be viewed. I am sure hundreds of people no my exact size and enjoyed the view that day. Very exciting!
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