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Mens Panties

Mens Panties

Mens swimwear Fetish wear Spandex Sex Wear and the world's most extreme designs for men!


Panties are not just for girls. Guys love wearing mens panties. Gay, straight, bi there are so many guys into mens panties as a fetish you might be surprised. If you are thinking about getting into mens panties don’t be worried that it’s not normal or I’m I the only one. There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, men in the military and guys from every walk of like who are into mens panties. You are not alone and it is not an unusual fetish. In fact as far as sexual fetish and fantasies go it is very main stream. So sit back read up on the mens panties scene and relax, you are in good company!


What are mens panties? Well mens panties fall into many categories of underwear, swimwear, and special made fetish wear. Mens panties can be woman’s underwear, they can be mens underwear and they can even be sexy mens and women’s swimwear.

There are very few guys that when they were kids or teenagers never tried on a pair of their sister or moms panties. Let’s face it these lacy pretty little things have always attracted men’s attention and that is the main reason women wear them. Men are visually

aroused much more than women are .We are turned on by some many things that if we were to make a list it could take years to finish it. Men love the way panties feel, we love them on our women, some of us love them on other men and many of us love they way they feel on there own bodies.  Guys who are into mens panties are not for the most part cross dressers. Cross dressers have the need and they also enjoy getting completely dressed up as woman and again this is not have anything to do with sexual orientation. Just desire. I am sure many if not most cross dressers are into mens panties I would also state that the vast majority of guys into mens panties are not into cross dressing.

There are all sorts of groups both online and in the real world where men get together and have fun with mens panties. There is a total lifestyle of men who are sissies and the dominant women (mostly women but sometimes other men) in their lives force them to wear mens panties, male chastity, dress as girl sluts and other humiliating acts. Most of the time these men are into this though some are forced as in forced sissifacation.

I have been into mens panties from the time I was a kid. I remember my sister got a new string bikini swimsuit. It was so sexy, not sexy on her, its your sister who cares but the suit itself was so hot, so tiny, the spandex was so amazing, I new the first chance I got I would try it on. I’m from California and the only thing we would wear back then were swim shorts and board shorts though once I got into high school and on the swim team wearing Speedos was like being able to wear mens panties in public around your friends and all the girls! But back to the first string bikini swimsuit that turned me on. When I got my first chance I must have been just about twelve and even though the suit was as tiny as the smallest suits today with all the stretch and not being very big the string bikini, I can even remember it was a dark brown fit over me like a second skin. The pouch was completely flat but there was enough stretch to handle what little I had down there. What a first pair of mens panties, by-passing nylon girls panties and going right to the extreme spandex Lycra micro girls string bikini. If that does not get you hooked nothing will. Needless to say I got hooked big time and I think that is why they picked me to write this article. There is a ton of information you can find on the internet about mens panties, mens panties and fetish, mens panties and sex along with blogs, groups including Yahoo groups, forums and so much more. If you are just starting out or well seasoned in the fetish there are so many places to share your views, connect with other guys and girls who are into the same, here what like minded guys have to say, see mens panties videos and photos including spots where you can post your own photos one of my favorite sites is which has hundreds of guys posting panty and sexy swimwear photos. Reading about what other men have to say and how they feel about wearing panties lets you better understand your own feelings and again I can’t say this with enough force that it is a very normal feeling to want to wear panties. The days are long gone where lingerie and other sexy clothing designs are only for women. It is just not that way anymore! We talked to many of the hottest men’s swimwear and fetish wear companies and were told that a large percentage of their orders were from women buying for their boyfriends, husbands and guy friends. How times have changed and for the better. Men are allowed to get in touch with their feminine side, men are allowed to wear skimpy bikinis and thongs at the beach, men are allowed to go into their gyms locker room sporting a hot full body tan with just little g-string lines to show how small the suit is with out comment. My favorite mens panties are the spandex Lycra ones from

I love the bikinis, thongs and G-strings along with the fetish sex wear and the pouch only designs. I can wear them as panties and I wear them to the beach and pool parties. I was a little shy at first but once you are tan and you get comfortable being almost naked in front of strangers, friends and family you are good to go. If you decide you want to start with women’s panties that’s fine but keep in mind that with out at least a bit of a pouch there is not much room for your penis. I believe that the panties made for men work much better and look much better. There are even mens panties that are called male to female transformation designs these suits actually change you to a woman down there something regular woman’s panties can not do. If you still want to but girls panties there is no problem going to any store just tell the sales girl to help you and say it is for your girlfriend, if you are very bold tell her the truth that they are for you. Some girls get very turned on by the thought and remember don’t give into your shyness, if you want to wear mens panties and are afraid or to shy to go into a store you can always order online!

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