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Mens Bathingsuits

Mens Bathingsuits

 Mens swimwear


This is a quick primer on the different mens bathingsuit styles available other than surf shorts and baggy shorts.

We will also talk about how the style trends are changing away from shorts mens bathingsuits to bikinis, Speedos, thongs and even more radical designs. Hang on for the ride I guarantee you a new and exciting experience in fashion you might not ever knew were available unless you have been traveling in Europe!


Mens bathingsuits bikinis

Bikinis are taking over the world! Mens bathingsuits bikini styles are super hot this season. Always the standard on European beaches bikinis for men have made the jump to the USA. Not quite ready to displace surf shorts as the beach standard they are never the less ready to make a huge push. Men have finally figured it out, they realize how great women look wearing bikinis and they want some of that action. Men who hit the gym and keep their bodies looking great do not want to settle for huge baggy shorts that cover all the hard work they have done. Bikinis are the perfect starting point when a man decides to take the plunge and try Lycra spandex suits that mold to the body and show so much more than they have ever experienced. Many guys find the fit and feel amazing and many go on to try even skimpier suits in search of the perfect look for their bodies. Bikini mens bathingsuits can be as wide as 3” inches at the waist and as narrow as ¼” . Most of the high fashion bikinis run 1” on the side or less with the wider styles for men who are a little shy about showing to much skin to start. This is a phase that always passes!



Mens bathingsuits thongs. Mens bathingsuits for the beach and the ones designed for body surfing have always been surf shorts but times are changing here too. If you body surf you know that those surf shorts slow you down and cause problems riding waves.

Body surfing wearing thongs started in Southern California which is know as the surf capital of the world. Guys have found that wearing thongs allows them to move much faster in the waves, thus catching more good waves, being able to ride larger waves and do more tricks. Thongs by design are very revealing. They do not cover the rear at all with the exception of a small bit of fabric cover the anal cavity and little more. Men throughout the world wear thongs to get a great tan and to show off their shapes. Girls have been doing it for years and lets face it when you see a girl wearing a thong it is hard not to stare, it always turns me on. I love the freedom you experience wearing a thong and in Europe men and women wear tiny thongs with the girls rarely wearing a top. You see this in LA and Miami but many other beaches do not allow topless bathing.

Thongs are available with full pouches all the way down to absolute micro pouches which barely cover a thing, those are my personal favorites. When you first start wearing a thong the one thing to keep in mind is the one thing all the girls know. Make sure to shave that extra hair so none of it shows and your best bet is just to shave it all which is what most guys who wear thongs do. In the world of mens bathingsuits thongs rule the waves and if you have never tried one you owe it to yourself to feel how simply amazing they are to wear!


Mens bathingsuits hybrid bikinis

Mens bathingsuits that are hybrid bikinis are a game changer. These are the newest suits on the market and were designed to bridge the gap between full bikinis and thongs. Once men get used to wearing bikinis after a time they feel like a lot of coverage. Wearing spandex Lycra mens bathingsuits for years and working my way down to wearing ultra micro G-strings that cover virtually nothing but are still legal to wear on non nude beaches I can tell you after a while bikinis feel big. I put on a bikini now and though they are very sexy they feel huge because of what I am used to. I want the best tan on my body. If mens bathingsuits are an evolution of designs it seems as though there was a gap between bikini and thong. It is a big jump from having your butt covered at least 50% the smallest bikinis all the way up to full coverage than changing over to a thong which shows it all. There was something missing and that is wear the Hybrid bikini comes in. The coverage ranges from as little as 15% to about 30% so any way it goes you are showing a lot of cheek but for many guys this transition works better. Trust me it does not take long to want to go smaller. Going smaller is natural progression for men who are into spandex Lycra.


Mens bathingsuits: G-strings

If I was to pick one style that I love the most it would be the G-string. I always had loved seeing women wearing G-string swimsuits. Always thought they looked amazing and sexy. You do not have to be skinny to wear a G-string men and women can be curvy and still look super hot in them. For a suit with a waist band G-string mens bathingsuits are as small as they come. There are many styles of G-strings from extra size pouch suits for the lucky guys that need more room, male enhancement pouches that help keep the pouch looking large and full, these give us smaller guys a big advantage. My favorite G-string styles are termed the nude experience suits, these are so small that they leave little or no tan marks. Yes you need to be hairless because the entire pubic area along with the are between your legs is totally exposed with just the slightest of strings going between your cheeks, in fact you need to be hair free in that area too because when you open your legs while laying out everything back there down to the brown holes is exposed for everyone to see! The G-strings I wear are cut so small they start right at the top of the shaft and actually take a little work to get everything in side. Once you are inside of a micro G-string the collest part is the pouch always looks full. The part you need to get used to is they make you look very small. Something most men learn to enjoy but funny things can happen. More then once I have had ladies come up to me while tanning around the pool of a hotel telling me miss, I don’t thing they always you to be topless here. That means my pouch was so tiny that even right in front of them they thought I was a girl. This is a huge turn on for me and yes guys are always coming by you at the beach to take a close look but think of it as a compliment.


Mens bathingsuits pouch only designs

These designs are considered the worlds smallest suits. They cover nothing but your equipment. They do come in two different styles. One style is the pouch, smooth and round and kept on by elastic, straps and a combination of the two. These are the most popular mens bathingsuits that are just pouches. They look great and cover almost nothing. I have seen guys wearing them on public beaches and getting away with it. These are the ultimate rule breakers. It is nude tanning with out showing your privates. Again with pouch only mens bathingsuits you need to be completely shaved. The other style with is much more daring if that is even possible would be the male form style pouch only suits. These are mens bathingsuits that are the exact shape of the penis in every detail. I have used these suits and yes they are unbelievably fun and exciting to wear, no they do not leave anything to the imagination, yes everyone can see the size, shape, width, ball size, shaft size and state your manhood is in and yes the do work they fit you exactly like a second skin. These would have to be considered the most exotic, erotic and sensual of suits, I don’t think I left any thing out. I have used them on the beach but I am always worried about the lifeguards or police having a problem with them.

They are more fun to wear to adult pool parties where everyone wants to touch them and it always leads to even more fun!



Mens bathingsuits sheer suits. These are one of the trends that is a fast mover in Europe and hopefully will be catching on soon in the States. We seem to be a couple years behind European mens bathingsuits in regards to the type of designs they are willing to wear at the beach. Sheer suits are a direct off shoot of women’s swimwear designs.  These suits range from partially sheer in strategic areas all the way to full sheer suits. Some of the more interesting designs are completely sheer in tan and bronze colors but from anything closer than a few feet they appear solid in color but only when some one gets very close or the suit gets wet do people realize that you are nude. These suits are for men who want the attention because if you are wearing sheer mens bathingsuits you are going to attract plenty of attention!


Mens bathingsuits male enhancement suits

These mens bathingsuits are available in all styles of suits including bikinis, thongs and G-strings. They do exactly what the title implies they are designed to enhance the size of the wearer. If you are on the small size they even the playing field and if you are larger they are over the top and you will have everyone checking you out and wondering what’s inside that pouch? These designs work a few different ways, some use metal cock rings to fill and keep the pouch filled some use single adjustable cock rings that make the pouch very full and there are designs with multiple rings that no matter how small you are or how much shrinkage you might have in the water you will still look nice and large. I prefer these styles when I swim at the gym. Not being very large I like people to think I have a little more than I do, it’s fun to play make believe and I sure look like I’m packing!


Mens bathingsuits male to female transformation designs, Fem style suits

Mens bathingsuits that are designed to transform the wearer from male to female. There are only two ways to do this and make it look real and that is to wear a suit specifically designed as a male to female transformation suit or to have surgery! That said you might be surprised how many men and women (ordering for their men) buy and enjoy these styles. One thing to keep in mind is wearing these types of mens bathingsuits has nothing to do with gender identification, many men who order these are into cross dressing, some are transsexuals but most are just guys who are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. Many of the women enjoy seeing their men wearing these fem styles and yes some of them are into the sissy fetish and male humiliation. I can tell you from experience that these designs are truly transforming and it is almost a Zen like experience, you do in fact get to feel what it is like to be woman. I have used them on the beach laying out with girlfriends and have been hit on by guys who think I am one of the girls, you have no idea how hot that is until it happens but even more so the look is so realistic that when you glance down there it looks exactly like a girl and you mind lets you experience your body as female. This is hard to understand with out trying one but the designers at Koala are responsible for the trend and they tell me these mens bathingsuits are world wide best sellers so I can’t be the only one enjoying the feel!


Mens bathingsuits clubs, websites, groups and information

There are so many groups, clubs, websites and links for guys who are into mens bathingsuits. My favorite site is they offer the most amazing designs, therir suits are better than custom quality and they are made in the USA. The designs fit me like they were made for me and every time I order one I am just so excited to get it.

A related site for guys who are into spandex Lycra as a fetish is the name is similar to Koalaswim but they are different companies.

You should search the web and see all the choices. There are great places to post your own photos of you and your friends wearing mens bathingsuits and it is fun to see other real men not just these beautiful male models wearing these super hot suits!



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