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Lycra for men

Lycra for Men Aids in Fetishes

Mens swimwear

Lycra is one of the trademarks of the Du Pont Company. In keeping with other products by Du Pont such as Spandex and Elastan, Lycra is a highly elastic and artificial fiber that is used to create clothing. Since the introduction of Lycra to an unsuspecting public, this amazing material has been put to use in many ways when it comes to designing and creating clothes. Lycra makes it possible to have more form fitting clothing that adapts to all body shapes. When combined with nylon, Lycra is also used to make pantyhose. It can either be invisible or added pale and tan skin colors. Most of the time, Lycra was used to wear under clothing with just a few people daring to display their bodies in Lycra wear.

Lycra for men probably started sometime during the 1970s when sportswear started being made out of the material. Cyclists found that Lycra shorts worked perfectly to give them freedom of comfortable pedaling as they soared along the bike paths and roads. Body builders found that Lycra workout clothes offered them more give as they lifted weights than other materials. Mountain climbers also started choosing their clothing from that made with Lycra. The demand for Lycra workout clothes immediately went on the rise because everyone wanted to wear these comfortable and stretchy outfits when engaging in athletic pursuits. At this point, Lycra clothes weren’t quite as bright and colorful as they became later.

It wasn’t long, however, before Lycra clothing caught on to be worn in lots of situations. People sat around at home and relaxed wearing Lycra as well as running errands like grocery shopping in Lycra shorts. So it’s not so surprising that Lycra would eventually turn into a fetish of sorts. This especially became true with Lycra for men. They started to enjoy the way that Lycra felt against their skin. Taking that even further, this smooth, stretchy material started to feel VERY nice fitting against their penises. Then the first time these men had sex while wearing Lycra, a new fetish was born!

There’s just nothing that seems to feel better against a man’s crotch than Lycra for men. This starts to become a necessity after a while. Soon men simply must have the Lycra next to the bare skin of their asses and cocks. It’s also said to feel really good encircling their balls. This is a fetish that has caught on so much that, now, many companies design and manufacture Lycra underwear, swimsuits and assorted fetish wear.

One of the best websites to purchase any Lycra for men is This site not only carries swimsuits, but also underwear as well as various fetish wear for men. One of the more popular of these is called the Silky Pleasure. This is a Lycra garment that is a cross between a Brazilian cut bikini and a true thong. There are some differences that make this neither of those items but a bit of both. The Fallen Angel is another Lycra item that lets you show off a bit of your most prized possession so that other men will have a hint of what they’re getting if they decide to take you home for the night.

The Candy Man Brazilian cut bikini that you’ll find only at is available in a sweet and tasty yellow Lycra. Men will be drawn to what you’re advertising without giving it all away in one look. Another fun item is the black Girth Thong. This Lycra swimsuit is advertised as a way of making the playing field a bit more equal for guys. If your cock is of a legendary size, there’s plenty of room to pack it in. For guys that have less than impressive cocks, the secret will be yours until you’re ready to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. This swimsuit makes it look as if you’re just as impressive as that guy over there with a anaconda curled up in his lap.

Lycra for men designs are as extreme as any fabric can get because of the fantastic skin tight fit.
Once you get to, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time there just browsing through the many choices you’ll find of Lycra for men. No man has ever been able to leave this site without purchasing at least one item to play with. So be forewarned.

If you’re a man that’s really involved and dedicated to your Lycra fetish, there’s really no shortage of clothing for you to buy. This is true whether you sneak some Lycra under your business suits, or buy complete Lycra outfits for some extensive fantasy roleplaying. Just imagine how hot you or your partner will look in a full Lycra and Spandex black Slave Hood. Doesn’t that thought get your blood boiling and your cock stiffening a bit? Think of what a hot night that will be!

The sensations that Lycra cause is one of the true reasons that it’s so popular as a leading fetish. Who wouldn’t love feeling caressed by this material especially when it’s your cock and balls that are being treated to this special massage? Many men love wearing Lycra just because it keeps them at least half erect all day long and no one knows. Even this naughty little secret that you carry around is enough to make you excited because you know that what you’re feeling is so naughty. It’s almost more than you can handle to keep from ducking into the men’s room and having a quick jack off session.

Even though it may be just a bit more titillating for you to show just an “accidental” peek of your Lycra for men underwear, choose your moment. Leave them guessing as to what’s really going on with you. Doesn’t that make things even hotter for you? Watching the looks on the faces of the chosen ones that have seen the peek of your Lycra underwear can be one of the biggest kicks you’ll have outside of the bedroom.

If you’re a man with a Lycra fetish, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. Embrace it and share it with others that understand it and love it as well. Fill your toy closet with lots of sexy Lycra for men and you’ll always be prepared for any unforeseen hookup.

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