Mens swimwear
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Lycra Man

Lycra Man

Mens swimwear 

Lycra man guys are into Lycra spandex. There are so many forms of Lycra man fetish I’m not sure where to start but I guess making a list of the most popular Lycra Man fetish

categories would be the best place begin.


There are spandex bikinis, thongs, g-strings and other amazing swimwear creations designed just for the Lycra man who is into wearing these super hot super sexy designs. We will spend a great deal of time on these Lycra man favorites.


There are full Lycra man bodysuits including designs that not only cover the entire body but the head fully and with some of these designs just partial head coverage. These are used by dancers all the time but are a Lycra man fetish favorite.



Lycra Man pouch only suits. These are tiny pouches that cover only the penis of the Lycra man. They come in a few styles the most popular being the rounded egg shape pouch that holds everything in as a nice clean smooth design. The other is actually shaped the same as your penis and it fits like a second skin. As a Lycra man you have to be excited by a design like this that is at once so shocking, so sensual and so stimulating to wear. These designs are so much fun to wear and be seen in. They are the life of any adult pool party. The only problem, well two problems every other guy will want to try it on and every girl will want to touch it. Guess that is really not a problem but a benefit of wearing one!




There are Lycra man groups where the members enjoy dressing in ladies tights and leotards including retro designs from Danskin and others. These groups are made up of gay, straight, bi and the occasional transgender.  If you have ever fantasized about wearing women’s spandex you need to understand it is a fetish and there is nothing wrong with doing something you enjoy. If you are aroused by it, stimulated by it or if

It just gets you off as a fellow spandex man I can assure you it is very normal but feel free to ask any physiologist and they will tell you it is healthy to enjoy these fantasies!


Lycra man=Speedo man

Many a Lycra man got his start wearing Speedo swimwear. Lot’s of moms dress their boys in Speedos and the fact is these are very similar to girls swimwear in fact the designs do their best to hide the bulge. Many a Lycra man as an adult first try wearing Speedos  and get hooked big time on the  spandex Lycra fetish. Speedos are a great starting point because so many men already wear these suits to the beach, at public pools and at the gym. They are in their own way very sexy and there are a number of Lycra Man groups and websites built around men who are into and love Speedos. I started by wearing Speedos and just like a powerful drug it lead to smaller and more extreme suits. I remember when I was on the high school swim team I would cut out the liner of my white Speedos and when they got wet the other guys and girls could see everything, every detail of everything and that made me popular with the girls and with some of the guys too. There was no doubt I was already a Lycra man and the funny thing is when other boys on my team saw how the girls reacted to the way my hot Speedos looked they started cutting out the liners. Our swim meets became best sellers and did not think about it then but there were an awful lot of mom’s at out races!



Men’s dancewear and the Lycra man

My belief is if you are a male dancer then by default you are a Lycra Man.

You are into wearing tights and dance belts. You love the way they feel on your body, you do wear dance style body suits as well as tiny dance bikinis, thongs and once in a while little g-strings and again you love it. It is your nature to be a Lycra man. There are many guys that are not dancers but are highly aroused by the feel of male dancewear and of course the way male dance wear feels on the body. It is hard not to be aroused when tights so thin and stretchy hug the curves of your body and leave little to nothing to the imagination. I have been to parties, Lycra Spandex parties where all the guys and girls wear nothing but dance wear. It is hard to explain how much fun a party like that is but a real Lycra man does not need to have it explained he knows and is highly aroused by just the thought of such an event. Men’s dancewear is designed to fit tight, to keep the muscles warm and to make your body look it’s best not that real male dancers need that but the Lycra man looks for every possible advantage!



Spandex sex wear and Lycra man fun

The Lycra man is big time into fetish fun and nothing is more fun than spandex Lycra sex wear. These designs show of the cock, make it harder, separate the balls, push out the cock and balls and put them in the ultimate position for sex acts. These items have crossed over from Lycra man use to mainstream use because they really do help you have better more intense sex. Many use a combination of metal cock rings, spandex cock rings and adjustable cock rings. Whether being used for vaginal, anal or oral sex there are designs built around the act itself and the results are nothing short of stunning. Mainstream folks are learning what the Lycra man has known for years, spandex is a total turn on!

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