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Coming Out of the Lycra Fetish Closet

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Everyone these days has different sorts of fetishes, or things that really turn them on sexually. You’ll hear all about role playing while wearing various outfits and materials. One of the more popular of these is a Lycra fetish. What this means, basically, is that Lycra is a large part of sexual interaction with a fetishist that craves the feel of that particular material. And who wouldn’t love it? It’s shiny and feels all slippery. It also fits tight to the skin in a comfortable and flattering fashion.

Lycra is a type of material that can be used to create any sort of clothing. It was first created by the scientists at the DuPont Corporation in 1958 when they were searching for a suitable alternative to the rubber that was used in making corsets. Lycra can be made in various widths and is suitable to use in many products. There’s even a type of Lycra thin enough to make hosiery.

Something else that has become a sub culture of the participants of a Lycra fetish is called Zentai.  This is a Japanese term describing skin-tight garments covering the entire body. As these are most commonly made from such materials as spandex, nylon and Lycra, it’s little wonder that men enjoying a Lycra fetish have enthusiastically embraced the Zentai lifestyle. These suits come in various styles from mummy styles to hybrid suits. The hybrid suits have either one leg and both arms, or both legs and no arms. The mummy styles cover each part of the body, including the head and face. There are even Zentai groups of people that go out in public dressed in their suits.

The principle difference between the Zentai lifestyle and a Lycra fetish is that Zentai people wear their suits all the time, as well as in public and they’re probably not thinking about sex all the time they’re wearing the suits. Men with a Lycra fetish are typically going to be aroused under the right conditions when they or their partners are wearing items of clothing made of Lycra. This can be something as simple as underwear or as complicated as a full body suit as you would find with Zentai enthusiasts.

A man with a Lycra fetish will be in seventh heaven now with all of the different clothing items that can be made from this fabulous material. It is often used in the making of exercise clothing, swimsuits, underwear, and costumes. For men that have a true Lycra fetish along with just wanting to wear some divine and kinky Lycra items really need to visit There are some of the sexiest Lycra underwear items and more all located right in one place. If you’re truly into Lycra, you won’t be able to look at those pretty boy models without responding in some manner. But you’re probably going to want to order several Lycra items from there. It doesn’t matter whether your gay or straight, the type of things you’ll find at that website will work either way.

It’s really easy to find clothing for women with a Lycra fetish. They can transform themselves into a dominatrix that will be in charge of any bedroom scene imaginable. They can also become a beach babe with sexy Lycra swimsuits. Lycra cat suits can turn them into playful kitties. That’s just the beginning.

Men can also find sexy Lycra clothing if they know where to look. If they are really lucky, they will have a local shop that sells various Lycra items that are appealing. Usually, they stick to swimsuits, cycling shorts and exercise outfits. But a guy with a true Lycra fetish will branch out into body suits or partial body suits so he can get kinky anytime he wants and he will have his Lycra on hand.

What constitutes a fetish is up to each individual. With Lycra, many people like the same things, but there are some differences as well. A Lycra fetish can also come about due to a particularly exciting sexual experience involving Lycra. If it was so incredible, just being around Lycra can bring back those feelings and sensations of the previous sexual encounter. So anytime someone with a Lycra fetish wants to spice up things with a partner, you can bet that Lycra will need to be a part of the plans.

Another thing that you will hear from someone that adores Lycra is how good the material itself feels against their bare skin. It’s also tight without being too tight since the material is so stretchy. Instead, it arranges itself so that it fits snugly and causes feelings of stimulation. This is particularly true when the material makes contact with the genital areas. It’s like getting a full body massage without having to leave home. All that’s missing is that hot masseuse that just keeps touching you in such delightful ways. However, if your partner is around or just a playmate, you won’t even miss that masseuse.

Lycra doesn’t have to be super expensive. There’s even knock offs of it but if you have a true Lycra fetish, nothing will do but the real thing. For men that really enjoy Lycra but are a bit less than thick where it counts, the Girth Thong at may be the perfect underwear. When you visit the site, you’ll see exactly how this amazing clothing item works to build you up exactly where you need it. Available in a sexy black color, you may also want to show them off to the right person.

Not everyone has the same fetishes, but Lycra is certainly becoming one of the more popular ones. There are many great things to say about a Lycra fetish. It’s sexy, requires some hot clothes or underwear, and it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone. You can also go around in public while sporting your favorite fetish and no one will ever realize it. That’s kind of a kick itself. But if you’re a guy, don’t get TOO excited or everyone will know that SOMETHING is going on.

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