Mens swimwear
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Men in Spandex

Those Hot Men in Spandex

Mens swimwear
Anyone who says that men in spandex shouldn’t be seen in public has obviously never seen Matthew wearing it. I swear I visit my gym just to be able to ogle this boy! Of course, I’m quite sure I’m not the only one. Let me tell you just how well Matthew fills out his spandex shorts, and any other clothing items that he wears.

Truth be told, I had been trying to get Matthew’s attention for a very long time but, so far, no luck. However, I finally had an idea as to how I just might get his attention. While I didn’t want to steal his thunder with that spandex thing he had going on, I knew that I could get him another way. Now, I do admit that I love the way men in spandex look, but not everyone finds it as hot as I do. They like the way it feels against their bodies, but don’t find it as alluring as other materials. Since I wanted to be “alluring,” I went to my favorite online shopping site for men,, and found the most delightful little yellow thong called the Fearless Thong. I just KNEW it was going to make Matthew drool when he spotted me in it later in the gym locker room.

On this particular day, I decided to be brave. I wasn’t going to watch Matthew from a hiding place. Instead, I was going to do my best to be working out near him. It was an exercise class that we both attended where I got my chance. Oddly enough, there were a surprising number of men in spandex for this class. The instructor led us through warm ups and stretches, and finally we were on to floor exercises. My favorite one for peeking was when we were on our backs and raising our hips up into the air and back down. As I managed to watch Matthew from the side of my eye, there was nothing left to the imagination. His package was so fully and firmly packed into his spandex that I felt faint from desire.

Once we were released to do our independent workouts, I saw Matthew heading for one of the weight lifting machines. I scurried right over to be his spotter. He flashed me a sexy grin as he positioned himself on the bench and laid back. My breath caught in my throat. Yes, this man put all of the other men in spandex to shame. All I could think about was being able to run my hands and tongue all over his gorgeous body. In fact, I was stunned when he was all done and ready to move to something else. He took the towel I handed him and wrapped it around his neck.

Leaning towards me a bit, he said, “Hey thanks. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. Are you new to the gym?”

“Um no, I’m not. We probably just have different schedules,” I managed to stammer out.

“Could be. Well, I’m heading to the pool next for a few laps. Do you want to join me?” he said as he gazed directly into my eyes.

How on earth could I turn down my dream come true?

“Sure, that would be great! I just have to change into my swimsuit.”

“Oh yeah, me too,” Matthew agreed and we both headed to the locker room.

It turned out that our lockers were pretty close to each other and we were able to chat while we stripped down. I took my time because I wanted him to see my Fearless Thong. Men in spandex tend to have it in many colors so I was pretty sure he’d like the yellow of the thong. So I slowly peeled off my t-shirt and workout shorts. I turned my back to him as I bent over to pull the shorts off of my feet.

Finally, I stood up and turned around to face him. From the look on Matthew’s face, this was going to be easier than I thought. I was so very excited that there was no way he could miss the way my cock practically reached out to him. There was that slow sexy grin again.

“I do like that thong,” he said, never taking his eyes off of my cock. “How do you feel about men in spandex?”

“I know how I feel about ONE man in spandex,” I flirtatiously replied. We continued to stand facing each other for a few more seconds. I’m not sure which one of us moved first, but suddenly we were all over each other. Mouth to mouth, chest to chest, cock to cock with our hands exploring wildly and frantically. It seemed that my thong and his spandex pants came off simultaneously. Reaching down between us, I gripped his cock in my fist and started to stroke it slow and hard, pulling it over to my own throbbing cock and we rubbed them against each other.

Suddenly, he slid to the floor and got on all fours. I knew what he wanted because I did, too. Kneeling behind him, I leaned forward and slid my tongue around his tight little hole, following with my finger. He was ready for me. Taking my cock in my hand, I spread his ass cheeks apart and started to push against the tight rimmed hole with the head of my cock. Matthew moaned as he backed up against me even more. I was so ready to fuck him and I didn’t hesitate.

As my cock slid into his waiting hole, his ass walls started contracting around it. I couldn’t take it. My hot white cum surged up from my balls and rushed to the head of my cock to explode deep inside of Matthew. Withdrawing my cock from him, I gently pushed him onto his back and slid my mouth right onto his huge and waiting cock. Swallowing the head all the way into the back of my mouth, I gave him my most talented mouth hug. With a roar, he emptied himself down my throat and I gulped down every drop.

Once it was all over, we realized that we had been really lucky that no one had walked in on us. In fact, we had only just got back to our feet when three more guys walked in. Matthew and I exchanged secret and knowing smiles. So it was a quickie, but what can you do with men in spandex?
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