Mens swimwear
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Guys On The Beach

Guys on the Beach!
It was a hot summer day and my friend suggested going to the beach. That sounded
like a plan so we geared up (or should I say down) for a fun day in the sun. We
reached our favourite spot and as expected everyone was there enjoying the sunny
day, wearing their bare necessities.
I must admit this was always the hidden agenda why I love to go to the beach.
Not a single trip goes by without any kind of disappointment there was always
some eye- candy on the beach. The gals are always a pleasure to watch with their
skimpy bikinis frolicking around and enjoying the attention. The girls trying
the newest and skimpiest bikinis never disappoint you.
The guys on the beach, though some with exceptional bodies are always seen in
the same conservative swimwear. But this time I wanted to break free and do
something unconventional so I tried the new range of products I had just
purchased at the Koala swim wear bikini line. They have the most exotic looking
bikinis for men that I have seen.

So as I stripped and got down to just covering my assets with the latest line of
Fearless thong from the Koala Collection, I must say I turned quite a few heads.
With the brilliant design of the thong it made my cock look even bigger than I
remembered it to be. This fantastic piece of swimwear made me feel sexy and
confident like no other.
At first I did get very conscious of the load of attention I was getting but
after a while I started getting used to it. The guys on the beach staring at me
made me feel like a movie star. For once the regular attention grabbers were
feeling a little jealous and I could see it. I soon became eye candy for one and
all, and I was enjoying every second of it.
With the design so new and fresh I knew why I had all the eyes following me. The
design of the Fearless Thong did a perfect job accentuating my cock and at the
same time covering it just so that it leaves the rest to the onlooker’s
imagination. I could tell by the look of the girls staring at me that they were
surely thinking of how it would be in its full length; I even caught a few eyes
refusing to look above my waist line, which was flattering, and the effect was
growing on me (if you know what I mean). In fact I dint realise the impact the
thong had on my spectators till someone came and declared their urge to take me
in their mouth and that is just one of the many compliments I got in the day!
I am no stranger to Koala’s excellent range of products and merchandize. I have
tried the Koala’s other range of products right from the Smoking gun micro, the
muscle boy bikini to their array of lubrication gels and fetish wear. I must
admit that both I and my partner thoroughly enjoy every product we indulged

With the reception I received from the guys on the beach for my Fearless Thong
surely boasted my confidence to flaunt myself in the other brilliant collection
of Koala’s swimwear products.

Mens swimwear

Strumming the G-string

Summer is one of the most adored seasons for beach lovers and beach-body lovers
alike. It is one of the happening places to be seen at and looked at. In
showcasing the latest in fashion swimwear the guys at the beach are not far
behind. In this new age where less is more is the dictum, swimwear brands are
coming up with sexy flashy wear for the guys at the beach today. Beaches are
where fashion trends are made, put to test or broken.
Gone are the days where swimwear was just that-clothes that helped one swim in
the water without restriction. Today swimwear has as much to do with fashion
trends and appeal as well as comfort and fit. The guys at the beach prefer more
‘freeing’ attire now. There is something very titillating and erotic about the
guys at the beach dressed in bikini bottoms and thongs like those designed by
Koala men’s swimwear.

Now, with a role reversal of sorts, women sit up and take notice when guys at
the beach strut their stuff in nude bikini bottoms and g-strings attracting many
a roving eye. And not to forget, these hot bodies with voluminous penis even get
other men take notice. This apparel says a lot about the guys on the beach who
wear them and their confidence levels. They are comfortable in their skin and
are not averse to showing off their perfect bodies. These men clad in nude
bikini bottoms, g-strings, or thongs ignite stirring sensation in between the
legs of the onlookers. The urge to stretch your arms, grope the manliness in
your hands, and feel the hardness in your mouth is too strong to resist.
With many new products on the market like Koala men’s penis stretcher, men can
wear bikini bottoms and g-strings with confidence. These erotic swimwear need
not be reserved for the pools and beaches. The pouch thongs and g-strings can
also be used as undergarments to add to the thrill of your partner. When your
partner sees you in this titillating wear, they will be thrilled at your
forethought and your anticipation for what the night holds. Just be prepared for
a steaming night of lovemaking and the cries of pleasure that will continue
through the night.
The guys on the beach today define coolness and the new age man by displaying
their body for all to see and enjoying the attention. They work hard to get in
shape and get the perfect tan to look good in their thongs, nude bikini bottoms
and extreme lycra shorts. These guys on the beach are a sight for sore eyes and
women get wet without even stepping into the water.
Women are turned on by the poise and the sex appeal exuded by these self-assured
men and can’t stop fantasizing about them. Those days when spandex was
considered to be daring man’s choice is a thing of the past. Bikini bottoms and
g-strings have not been restricted to women’s swimwear apparel alone for a long
time now. With the emerging sexual freedom of the new age woman, she is not
afraid to take what she likes and men also like the thrill associated with
knowing that they look sexy and are lusted after.
Every summer brings with it new designs ad surprises in terms of swimwear and
with erotic swimwear widely worn and enjoyed, all eyes are on the guys at the
beach to showcase the latest in trends and cuts…to see what will be the perfect
orgasmic experience for your eyes and for your senses when you wear them.
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