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Chastity for Men

Chastity for men


Chastity for men is one of the most exciting fetish plays in all of sexdom!

Chastity for men is also a method used your serious control of mans sex drive.

Last but not least chastity for men is used on male humiliation which is a lifestyle and a fetish along with its sister fetish men as sissies.

We will discuss and talk about products used  in chastity for men and other products that are used for sissy males and male humiliation. So get ready to learn some new things, I hope and keep your mind open to the possibilities!



Chastity for men in its most basic form is keeping complete control over your man’s penis. It is about when he is allowed to use it and when he is not. This turns out to be most of the time. This works great and is much less money than divorcing a man who cheats on you. Cage him up and force chastity for men on him and you can save your relationship and you will have new found power and control.


There are many cock cage styles that are very effective and we will be showing photos of how they work and what they look like. Cock cages do take getting used to. Many men find them arousing but they allow you to get only so aroused and then it stops, there are even cages that inflict pain when the wearer becomes aroused but when dealing with chastity for men we do not recommend those styles because the penis can be damaged.

Before you get started with chastity for men products there are a few things you should know.

First all men should be shaved completely in the pubic and anal areas, it is not only feminine for the man it is a control for you and it helps not to get hair pulled in  the devices. You should always use lube to insert the shaft when you are just learning to use a device it makes the transition much easier. I would highly recommend using silicon based lube. Always go slow when trying a new chastity for men cages and anal plugs.

Anal plugs are used to prevent men from anal sex but you need to use them carefully. If you are concerned that your man might be interested in anal sex with out you than he should be plugged but you need to do this slowly if it is his first time.


Here is a list of the most popular styles available for men with their photos:


Ring Master

Ring Master is one of the most effective and beautiful designs available for chastity for men. There is no escaping the Ring Master once it is fitted on the wearer until the master decides it is time to free him. Many chaste men are forced to be nude at adult parties while there lovers male or female have sex with other people. The Ring Master not only makes a fine display piece, one you will be proud to show you man wearing but it will totally restrict him from getting hard. All metal design, make sure your slave keeps it dry.




Manless Ultra

Manless Ultra is an all plastic design that is great for wearing long periods of time. It is fine to get it wet and your man will not be escaping from this unit either. It is in fact one of the most popular designs on the market though in my opinion it is now where near as good looking or sensuous as the metal cages



Caged and Cuffed

One of the newest designs on the market it uses a hand cuff at the base which is adjustable to many more sizes than any of the other units. I have seen guys that are huge forced to wear these and it works fantastic but it can handle you cheating man who you need and must control even if he has a tiny penis. Being so adjustable allows it to fit a large segment of men. One thing to keep in mind if you are new to chastity for men, make sure when locking the penis and balls in with the cuff that you do not pinch any skin!




Man Cave

A great looking cock cage that allows more freedom than most cages but still is heavy on restricting any sex. Removing the end cap allows the man to urinate and to clean the end of his cock. It also allows the master to stimulate the end and is very effective if you are forcing prostate milking on the wearer, which is highly recommended if you are not allowing him to have sex.



This unit seems small and simple but it is actually a more advanced style because it is much more difficult to put on and the wearer must have or be able to work on his ball control to get them in such a small area where once they have been inserted they are separated by a strap. These are effective and make great displays but not really recommended unless the wearer or the master has experience.

This chastity for men device is created for very small to smaller than  normal cocks.




This unit is similar to the Rage but offers more shaft room. This is still a more advanced unit and it is on the more difficult side to get on because the balls need to be forced through small straps and it has a built in ball splitter. The idea about the ball splitter is to make it look more like a vagina. It is a humiliation to the man to not only cage his penis but to split and display his balls.



Brutal Cage

This is a magnificent beast that is considered and advanced chastity for men device. It is available in a number of ring size and it is recommended that you use the tightest ring your man can handle. You do not want him even thinking about trying to remove it.

The construction is extremely heavy duty but the look is angry but elegant.

This is a penis cage built to last and it will keep you man under control.



Half Pipe


Man Slut Cage

The Man Slut Cage is a truly beautiful work of art that functions wonderfully as a male chastity cage. It works a little different from the other cages allowing a man to get erect but not allowing him to orgasm. In some ways this is more torture than the other cages but it looks so good it is worth the extra humiliation of being hard and not being allowed to do anything about.

I have used this design many times and even when my GF uses a strap on for sex with me the Man Slut Cage stays on very well through the pounding! The Man Slut has a demanding presence and the man who wears it knows he is a kept man.






Ass Spark

Anal training is an exciting part of chastity for men. As you might know most gay and bi men are into anal sex but it is coming on strong in the straight community. Anal sex has been gaining in popularity men to women for years and even more so with the younger crowd. It was just a matter of time before women wanted to do it to their men. Some men crave the feel of anal sex but most men need to be trained to enjoy it or at least do it if the woman or other men want to perform anal sex on the chaste man.

The Ass Spark is an amazing device for men new to anal sex and men who are experienced. It is a combination cock ring and anal plug. This is one of the top selling men’s anal product in the world. It is perfect for couples who practice chastity for men. Once a man is allowed to have sex it is amplified tremendously with the use of an Ass Spark. Not only will your man be harder than he ever has been but with the plug forced deep inside him his load will be tremendous and his orgasms will have unbelievable intensity.




Anal Challenge

This is used for male humiliation and for anal sex. Hook up your man to a deep probing heavy duty anal hook and he will do whatever you tell him to. It is simple once hooked he is under your control completely. The feel of the Anal Challenge being forced inside you is intense. This unit is designed to be used on men and women.


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